John is working with primary and secondary schools, academies and partnerships of schools across the UK on improving the quality of learning and teaching.

Key elements of his training include:

  • Visioning and Senior Leadership Development
  • School Learning Reviews for benchmarking and improvement
  • Senior and Middle leadership development,
  • Lead Practitioner Training,
  • Outstanding Teacher Programme
  • Coaching for Improvement
  • Satisfactory to Good
  • Good to Outstanding
  • Developing Challenge for More Able Learners
  • Developing a Culture and Environment for Great Learning
  • Developing Challenge for All
  • Targeted training on features of outstanding teaching such as high quality Challenge for All, Explanation, Modelling, Questioning, Visible Progress and Feedback

Popular Training Packages

Outstanding Teacher/Lead Practitioner Programme

This is a practical programme for good classroom teachers, focused on how they can develop and refine their teaching pedagogy to help deliver more consistently “Outstanding” lessons. It will focus on creating an excellent classroom culture and environment, as well high quality pedagogy in key areas such as challenge, questioning, explanation,visible learning and progress, modelling and feedback. Teachers on the programme will have the opportunity to deliberately practice, review and evaluate strategies in the classroom between sessions, as well as be observed and taken through a coaching process twice. There will also be a focus on developing teachers own skills as a coach and leader of staff development.

Benefits for the School of the Programme

  • Developing the leadership and teaching skills of group of teachers who can lead and model outstanding practice within their departments
  • Developing the coaching and staff training skills of these staff who can work with others to improve their practice
  • Using this group to build up a teacher toolkit of outstanding practice that could be used across the school
  • Using this group to help build a video library of snapshots of good and outstanding practice that can be used in staff training and induction
  • Developing the skills of this group to help in the monitoring and evaluation of the quality of teaching and learning in their departments
  • Using this group to work collaboratively with Middle Leaders on sharing good practice and driving improvement in departments.
Outcomes of the Programme for Individuals
  • Clarity how to develop a culture and environment for good and outstanding learning the classroom.
  • Ideas and practical strategies to develop the quality teacher pedagogy in the areas of challenge, explanation, modelling, questioning and feedback.
  • Improved pedagogy in these areas through deliberate practice and coaching
  • More observed lessons judged to be “Outstanding.”
  • Enhanced coaching skills and the confidence to coach other staff
  • Ideas, strategies and the motivation to model and share outstanding practice with other teachers and help lead staff development sessions.
John has also been working recently with schools particularly concerned about how they develop learners in the sixth form who are well qualified, but are also expert independent and interdependent learners who are well prepared for the learning expectations of higher education and the world of work.

Middle Leaders Programme

This programme is designed to develop, sharpen and refine the leadership skills of existing Heads of Department. It will focus on the features of outstanding leadership and how to balance carefully both management and leadership of staff. There will be a particular focus on how to lead, monitor and evaluate improvement in terms of developing high quality teaching and learning. Middle Leaders will have coaching and modelling input individually or in small groups focused on improving a specific area of teaching and learning in their department. This will be a very practical course with staff involved getting many ideas to try out, practise and develop within their departments between sessions.

Outcomes of the Programme for Schools and Individuals

  • Clarity about the features of outstanding middle leadership and the characteristics/actions of outstanding middle leaders.
  • Focus on the 5C’s of great leadership and practical ways of developing these.
  • Better improvement planning and measuring of impact
  • More developed skills and processes to monitor and evaluate learning and teaching.
  • Enhanced skills to motivate, support and challenge staff
  • Sharper and more effective meetings
  • Ideas and strategies to share and improve existing good practice in teaching and learning
  • Ideas and strategies to involve all department staff in the improvement process